VidCan Correctional Facility Communications and Commisary

Let Detention Solutions, LLC take care of all communication and commissary needs for your facility! This ground breaking technology allows correctional facility populations to interface with loved ones via cloud technology using a console in each housing unit, order goods directly, and stream movies and music. All services are supported by highly trained individuals at our office in Tulsa, OK.

Detention Solutions, LLC Correctional Facility Design Consulting

Detention Solutions, LLC and partners can help you design and complete your correctional facility. From design concept, to architectural plans, to operational guidelines, let Detention Solutions, LLC assist you in every way! See below for an article featuring the Sequoyah County Jail, one of our most recent collaborations...

Detention Solutions, LLC Correctional Facility Operations Consulting

Detention Solutions, LLC offers consulting and training for design plans, standard operating procedures, and event based guidance for correctional facilities of every nature.